October 15, 2005


Last night, Mark, our house guest treated us to an evening at the opera. The Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center to be exact. For Jon and I it was a novel experience as neither of us had ever attended an opera. We watched the premier of Aida - which is a very good opera to start with. Everything about the opera was fantastic. From the divas to the costumes to the sets to the orchestra to the five horses marched across the stage in the second act when Ramasades returns victorious from his Ethiopian Conquest. It was just beautiful. Last night's experience topped every other cultural experience I've ever had - with the exception of seeing the ballet Giselle performed at Lincoln Center.

You can read about AIDA here. It's a beautiful and tragic love story - classic really - including a love triangle and the tragic death of the lovers in the end.

Today is the day before my wedding. The weather has finally cleared up making this final day of preparations an absolute breeze. I'm at my cousin's house right now. She's my maid of honor. We just got our nails done. I went with the traditional French manicure with toes to match.

We're basically regrouping right now. We're gathering the things that my cousin needs for tonight before we go out to run our final errands.

Next stop is the hotel where we're having a rehearsal dinner and where Jon and I and several of our guests are staying tonight.

Don't worry. Jon and are sleeping in separate rooms tonight. So if you hold on to any old superstitions about such things you can rest easy.

After tonight, the next time Jon sees me, I'll be in my complete wedding attire.

Wish us luck.

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