October 09, 2005

Our Guest Arrived

Our friend is here at last. We are so happy to see him. This is the friend we stayed with in London. He arrived on time, in one piece and very cheerful for someone who just taken an early morning flight. It was a busy day. My brother and sister-in-law solved the problem of the sleeping arrangements for our friend by bringing over a nice queen-sized aerobed. They came over with my nephew who is at least one head taller than the last time I saw him and his personality is developing nicely. Today, my nephew introduced me to Laurie Berkner - a new sensation in the area of child music - and probably someone I'll never encounter again - by choice. I didn't enjoy her music although he thought it was wonderful. I found her perkiness and cheerfulness generally grating. But who know? Maybe one day, I'll know all the words to her song because our child thinks she's the cat's pajamas.

When Mark arrived we had a wonderful lunch of meatloaf and sauteed peas. Yes. I am boasting about my cooking but the meatloaf turned out very good and how do you mess up peas. They are always good.

For dinner, we went with a light meal of chicken soup which I prepared last evening just for the occassion of Mark's first night here.

Tomorrow, Jon and Mark are going on a nice long bike ride somewhere in Jersey. While they are gone, I'll be taking care of some girly things - like getting presents for the bridesmaids and the ushers, going to the nail salon for some non-specific grooming and preparing a stuffed basil chicken to die for.

I love entertaining.

On a more wedding note - I just spoke with the mother of the flower girl. They got her the cutest dress in a color that matches my gown and it's covered with rose petals that match the color of the bridesmaid dresses. How perfect is that? It's pretty perfect.

She's going to look really cute. I spoke with the six year old flower girl who was vey excited when she described her dress and she's so happy about being a flower girl.

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