October 28, 2005

Green Flag At Last

Today at Couples Ocho Rios they flew the green flag indicating that all water activities were a go.

After our great nature walk led by the head garderner of the resort, we received our fantastic couple's massage in a private little house they have set up on the property which you could probably rent for about $1000 a day and we signed up for snorkeling at 3pm. We basically spent the day putzing around the resort. We took out a kayak. We played in the ocean. We played in the pool. We played ping pong and then we went out for our snorkle.

The boat took us out in spite of the fact that an enormous storm was moving in. Jon and I both went into the water at the same time but I had to get out almost immediately. The water was rough, visibility limited and I kept looking at those huge storm clouds looming in the distance. After 10 minutes, I asked the boat operator to help me back in the boat and I sat there and watched the storm move in. Within half an hour it started to rain, Jon came back into the boat and then it started to pour. By the time we reached the dock it was raining really hard.

Soaking wet we returned to our rooms, washed up, dried off and played a game of Scrabble.

We had dinner, played some more ping pong and then turned to the piano bar for further entertainment where Jon is now, singing No Woman No Crime at the Kareoke sing along. He also performed a great rendition of Brandy. I was quite proud of him. I couldn't stay for No Woman because I just don't like that song. I know it's not very supportive of me but hey. I'm still me - right?

Did I mention I've had a delicious case of prickly heat across my chest since Sunday? I've been treating it wrong by putting Zinc Oxide on it. I also had this foolish belief that the salty ocean water would heal my skin. Turns out both of the above increase the itching and redness (at this moment it feels like my skin is ON FIRE). So tomorrow on our shopping trip to Ocho Rios proper, I'll be picking up some other remedies to see if I can get rid of this rash once and for all.

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