October 22, 2005

Saturday in Jamaica.

Well. We are having a wonderful time. Fun and sun and all that.

Yesterday morning, Jon and I went into downtown Negril to do a little shopping and get our laundry done. At the hotel it would have cost us upwards to $75.00. In town, it was about $10. While there we had some authentic Jamaican food in the form of Curried Goat. Jon drank a Red Stripe beer, while I had pineapple juice with ginger. The meal was delicious.

Yesterday afternoon, Jon participated in a water polo tournament - guests vs. staff. Guess who won. That's right - the staff let the guests win. I watched like the supportive wife than I am but only for the first 45 minutes.

This morning, Jon and I participated in a Bacci tournament on the beach. Jon's team won. Then we sat in the jacuzzi. We're about to play ping pong poolside. and tomorrow we'll probably go on a tour of the Jamaican rain forest canopy.

HONEYMOONS ROCK!!! I recommend them highly.

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