October 14, 2005

Flying High Now

Jon and I sludged through the rain yesterday running our final wedding errands.

Fortunoff's is the greatest place in the world. Our sales guy was great. He pointed us exactly where we needed to go and actually offered us help, service and information.

All my bridesmaids have their dresses.

All the professionals we are using know their schedules and we are ready.

In the end we'll be 85 in toto.

Not bad, I'd say.

Today, I'm training out to Long Island to do some shopping with my mother. I still need an outfit for rehearsal dinner.

This morning, Jon and I are packing for our trip.

Tonight, we are going to the opera. We are having a good life.

As of tomorrow I will be incommunicado. You will not see me again until after my honey moon.

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