October 23, 2005

Rhodes Hall Plantation

This morning we went horseback riding at Rhodes Hall Plantation. This was my first long ride on a horse - about 2 hours to be inexact. It was amazing. We rode up a hill and looked down on Negril. Just gorgeous. My horse kept stopping to eat grass on the side of the trail and no matter how hard I would try, I could not get that head up to get the horse to continue. At some point, as we made our way down from the highest peak, our tour guide had to grab the reins of my horse - affectionately named Screwface - to get me down. After that, I was able to regain control and Screwface and I got along a little better. My butt sure did hurt by the end of the ride.

Jon rode a horse named Fireboy with the skill of William Shatner in the Star Trek movie with the Next Generation crew. In other words, he was very good - a natural. He had no trouble controlling his horse but considering I'd never been riding before, I think I did okay.

Now, we're back at the resort and really warm so we're going to hit the pool for a little while. Still enjoying ourselves - still in that honeymoon frame of mind.

Nudge, nudge - wink, wink.

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