October 29, 2005

Still Here

Yesterday Jon and I went on a shopping trip to the Taj Majal shopping center in Ocho Rios. The shopping center had about 6 jewelry stores and 8 shops that sold T-shirts, postcards, shot glasses and other knick knacks. We bought T-shirts, postcards, shot glasses and other knick knacks.

In the afternoon, we visited Noel Coward's Firefly - the former home of the bon vivant playwright, painter, lyricist, etcetera. You would not believe the view this guy had. When he passed away, he gave the property to his companion who then turned the property over to the government which then let it fall into a complete state of disrepair while simultaneously maintaining the beautiful gardens.

Last night we had dinner at the French restaurant in the resort.

Today, we walked up Dunn's River Falls. Our guide smelled like alcohol so I was a little nervous about making it up the 945 foot climb but somehow we survived it. I was focusing so hard on not slipping that some of the romance may have been lost on me. That is not an easy climb. You are climbing against rapids up slippery rocks. But from time to time you get to rest in a calm pool of cool water and you can take in the beautiful surroundings.

I was pretty wiped out when we were done.

Unfortunately, I had to back off of fun in the sun activities due to my rash but last this afternoon Jon and I are going on a - you may want to sit down for this - a booze cruise on the resort's catamaran with about 40 other people.

Of course, the ever present storm clouds are looming on the horizon so we'll see what happens in the hour or so before we're scheduled to leave.

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