October 03, 2005

Monday Monday

Hi. How are you? I am fine. Thanks

Went to the gym this morning after a one week hiatus. One of the trainers I consulted with back when I first joined in back in January gave me a HUGE compliment. She said I looked GREAT and that she could really see a difference. I discussed with her that I really hadn't lost THAT much weight according to the scale. She assured me that my Body Mass Index is changing and that I'm building muscle - a concept that I can't quite wrap my mind around. The biggest difference she saw was in my waist and stomach.

Let me tell you something. This is no small compliment and this was no easy task. Losing weight in your middle is SO FREAKING HARD. And you don't necessarily have to do a billion situps. There are machines where you can do a combination of twisting and lifting weights that have the same effect and are a little bit easier. I had to find an alternative to situps because sometimes, my neck really hurts no matter how much I support my head and YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO STRAIN YOUR NECK EVER. Since all tension goes to my neck and shoulders, I have to compensate when I exercise so I'm not straining it.

I know this sounds self congratulatory and braggy. It's just that if you don't tell people that you accomplished something, sometimes they just don't notice and if you're not too braggy about it, it can be interesting for other people to listen to sometimes...not always.

I LOVE listening to other people talk about their lives - deflect the focus from thinking about myself and the wedding and I figure sometimes other people like to listen to me talk about myself too.

This has been a hard life lesson for me to learn. In order to be interesting to other people, you have to be interesting to yourself. If you're still reading this, I've proven my point.

You are reading this because I am writing about something that I accomplished that perhaps you want to accomplish or that you have accomplished yourself.

Do you know what I mean? When I hang out with friends now, I have something to offer to the conversation ante. I might have information that other people need that I can share. I have a point of view.

Some of us are just late bloomers. For some people, socializing skills come after all other stages of development. I'll stop now.

I'm doing a facial and I have a bath waiting and I'm running late.

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