November 01, 2005

Going to Negril

Jon had our new travel arrangements taken care of by early the next morning. And we couldn't get out of Kingston soon enough. Look at this sky. It was a dangerous sky.
Weather Porn
I was frightened that all the roads leading to the airport were going to be flooded and we would be stuck in that crummy weather.

But we made it to the airport with no problems. When we got to the airport in Montego Bay, we signed up for our transportation and two hours later, we were there. Our driver thought it would be fun to mess with me. He took pleasure in demonstrating complete darkness by turning off his lights while we driving around hairpin turns. When he turned off his headlights, it was pitch black outside. I almost kissed the ground when we got to the resort that night because people drive crazy in Jamaica.

But imagine my delight walking into this beautiful and spacious lobby. It was such a relief after the earnest but dingy Mayfair.
Riu Lobby

Granted the above was taken the morning after we arrived but I just didn't have the wherewithall to take pictures upon first arriving. Especially since we were greeted with hugs and handshakes by the staff. I was completely thrown by the first hug but understood it later when the hugging bellman put his hand out for a tip at the NO TIPPING NECESSARY resort. That's okay. He deserves a tip - I just would have preferred it if he wasn't such a phony.

Anyway, it didn't take us long the next morning to get into the ALL INCLUSIVE resort swing of things. Our room had a free minibar which the resort refilled every other day. This included four different liquors, all the beer you could want and mixers like tonic water and Pepsi. Pepsi is really big down there. They must have SOME fantastic contract worked out with the RIU organization.

Here are some shots from our first day at RIU.

Val in the SunJon enjoying some Sun

Here is a picture of the pool which was ridiculously lavish with a jacouzi and swim up bar. You could have your drink at the bar or bring it back to your seat where staff came around and collected your empties, making it SO easy to just sit and relax.
pool bar

Here is Jon having fun in the pool. Later in the week, he would use that volley ball in a vicious game of Water Polo - a matchup between guests and staff which guest won. It is our suspicion that the extremely skilled staff may have let the guests win - Jon's effort not withstanding.
Jon Pool

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