November 01, 2005

Back To Reality . . . TV

It was interesting riding the subway this morning after being in a country that has virtually no public transportation. To get around in Jamaica, you either drive your own car or get driven in a taxi. I didn't even mind that the train was crowded because I was actually thrilled to be on the train. Go figure.

I returned to work today to a clean, neat and inviting desk. My boss was nice in that he kept all of the work he had for me at his own desk. It was a pleasure to be given the luxury of easing my way back into the busy life. However, I did leave work with piles on my desk. I got home around 7, plunked down on the couch, looked at my mail, caught the tail end of Jeopardy.

I just had a cheeseburger and fries for dinner while catching up on the Biggest Loser on NBC. Have you seen this show? It's a very emotional program. What they put these contestants through . . . my goodness. Somehow, the producers of the show have found a way to make the American tradition of exploitating fat people simlutaneously entertaining and motivational.

Now is the time for all good brides to write thank you notes. Jon and I powered out almost half of our thank you notes last night. We split them down family lines and we'll be writing notes to our friends together. So, I basically have to finish my own family and whatever cards Jon started from our list of friends. We should have them done by Friday at the latest. We're trying to be real prompt. Of all the books we've read the consistent piece of advice has been to send out thank you notes promptly. The AMAZING RACE is on the TV right now. I'll wait until the show is done so I can really focus.

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