November 06, 2005

Sweet Reunion

Last night, Jon and I went with Sarah to St. Andrews on 44th Between 6th avenue and Broadway, closer to 6th. St. Andrews is a great Scottish type pub. Most of the bartenders and waitstaff are Scottish and everyone wears a kilt. The food was great. I drank a beer which I hardly ever do. But it was Scottish beer and therefore better than most beers available on tap in American bars and restaurants.

I went over to Sarah's house a little earlier in the evening to catch up with my friend Zoey. Zoey is sporting a fashionable fall hair cut. She looks great and seemed and happy to see me. I love that little Lhasa. She's so unbelievably sweet.

We headed over to St. Andrews with the intention of meeting Jon after his work shift. While waiting Sarah and I perused the menu.

There were so many good dishes to choose from. I was torn between the New Zealand Rack of Lamb and the Hazel Nut Crusted Sea Scallops. I resorted to eeny meeny miney mo to make my choice and ended up with the Hazel Nut Crusted Sea Scallops.

Here is what we ended up with in the end.

Crispy Calimari for the table. Sarah went with the Scottish Smoked Salmon on a Warm Potato-Chive Blini. Jon after joining us had the Pan-Seared Shetland Isle Salmon and I had the above. For dessert we ordered something absolutely out of this world - like nothing I ever had before. Sticky Toffee Pudding with caramel sauce and fresh whipped cream. Just wonderful. Absolutely delicious.

I recommend this restaurant highly.


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