November 07, 2005

Processing Food For Thought

Tonight I used my brand new Cuisineart blender - one of the many cool appliances we recently received as gifts. (This model also doubles as a food processor which I'll probably try out tomorrow.)

Look at that thing.

It's awesome, sexy, clean, new, easy to use.

I used it to make my first soup of the season - potato/tomato soup. I can't say this was my best soup ever but I'm going easy on myself being that it is the first of many to come over the cold months ahead. Potatoes, tomatoes, onion, heavy cream, salt and pepper combined together made a creamy yummy concoction but the soup was a little too heavy on the potatoes.

Is it wrong to enjoy cooking so much?

Are women still allowed to enjoy taking care of a husband and house?

Women receive mixed messages all the time.

So, I'm willing to take a stand here and now. If that is what you enjoy doing as a woman then go for it. If you don't enjoy it then don't.

The Women's Liberation movement was about giving women choices and equal opportunities.

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