November 03, 2005

A Boring Thursday

Today was a good day but a dull day.

Work. Dull. Administrative work in the morning. And invoicing in the afternoon. The monotany was broken by a quick visit from Jon and sending out a press release via email.

This evening. Well. Let me tell you. I had to be home early so I could let in the super so he could look at our broken refrigerator and let in the exterminator.

The super came at 10 to 10 tonight. Three hours later than I thought he would be here. So. . .I basically spent my evening waiting for the late super and an exterminator that never came.

But that's okay. I had my reality TV friends to keep me company.

First there was the ever fun Survivor and second, there was The Apprentice.

What is about these shows that has me in their grips?

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