November 08, 2005

France - State of Emergency

Tonight marks the 13th night of violence in France. Although accounts of violence are slightly down, France is imposing an old state of emergency law from the 1950's to help in some areas.

Maybe other countries are looking down their noses at France but it's not only in France where poor immigrants have been so disenfranchised that any excuse will do to riot and wreak havoc. It should be a wake up call to all countries that have big cities and bigger immigration problems.

The problem isn't the immigrants per say but a country's abiity to absorb immigrant populations and provide jobs and housing for its unemloyed residents and aliens alike. Poverty in all it's guises is a bad thing - dehumanizing at its worst.

The same thing could easily happen New York City - except our disenfranchised are most often citizens - born and raised here and many of them stuck in an endless cycle of poverty. The inequalities in our system are many and great.

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