November 02, 2005

Horse Play

Jon and I went on two different horseback riding excursions while in Jamaica.

The first time was in Negril at Rhodes Plantation. Here I am mounting my steed - Screwface - named for the bad guy in a 1990 Steven Segal film called Marked for Death.

Horseback Riding

This was my first experience on a horse. Our route was to climb up the mountain property that is part of the plantation - which we did. We saw beautiful trees and flowers and bamboo growing to 300 feet tall. I struggled with my horse a bit because SCREWFACE kept putting his head down to eat but we finally made it to the top of the destined peak and EVANS, our riding instructor/tourguide took this picture for us. Aren't the bicycle helmets adorable?


Jon took this nice shot. He was in charge of the camera because he was just a better rider than me and I had to focus on keeping my balance and not falling off of the horse.
Val and Screwface

The ride ended on the shore. Down by the shore, we saw the crocodiles the Plantation keeps as pets and we got to take our horses in the water - though only just for the sake of this shot. When we went over to the swamp or pond or whatever it was to see the crocs all of our horses took a simultaneous piss.
Horses in the Water

The second place we went riding was at Pineapple Stables.

Here is a picture of the nice horses we had to choose from. They were younger and fitter than the horses at Rhodes.
Pineapple Stables

Here I am petting the second from the left (see above).
Val Petting Horse

And here is JON on the back of BRAVE DANCER. We stopped in this nice area (with a breeze) so the instructors could take pictures of everyone. And wouldn't you know it - all the horses started pissing. It turns out that when one horse pees, they all pee. That is quite a sight - unfortunately one I did not catch on film. But anyway, here is Jon on the back of his horse after Brave Dancer took a big piss.
Jon and Brave Dancer

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