July 19, 2005

Today Was Tuesday All Day Long

This morning I walked out of my nice cool air conditioned apartment into an oven. It was very hot out there, at least 80 something by 9am. By the time I got to the office I was already tired.

Here I am walking onto the fifth floor. I'm a little weary because I was worried that it wasn't going to be a very good day.
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And I was right. While it wasn't a terrible day, it wasn't exactly wonderful. It was just one of those days that didn't seem to end and where you don't seem to get any validation for being in the office. About 8pm my coworker, her daughter and I went to dinner for some Korean style Chinese food. Yummers. The Korean restaurant was near the DREADED 34th Street station which I went to after dinner to go home.

I usually write about the 34th station being hotter than hell but the 34th Street N/R/W platform does have one redeeming quality and that's the REACH NEW YORK project
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It's an interactive sound installation - hmmm - uh - it's a big green bar with 9 or 10 sensors and when you pass your hand over the sensor it play sounds on the opposing platform. There's also one on the other platform and if you find some willing participants, you can have a conversation made of animal noises and musical notes across the train tracks. I captured a couple of people playing with it while waiting for my train and yes the platform was hot as hell.

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The train finally came and not a moment too soon because I was starting to loose essential bodily fluids through my wide open pores.

Here I am on the subway after a long, hot day. Notice the bloodshot red rimmed eyes and the unnatural blush in my cheek.
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