July 29, 2005

Stand Up For Your Rights

I found this sticker defacing a mailbox on my way to work this morning.

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I don't want to upset anybody by disagreeing with this organization BUT what about my right to travel the subways without fear of being blown to bits? Does ACLU have an alternative suggestion for keeping subway riders safe from the same kind of terrer recently experienced by London commuters? Yeah. That's what I thought.

People. These aren't normal times. There are evil citizens of this world who want to do nothing but upset those of us who are struggling to find our own happiness.

If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to worry about in terms of an impromptu search. Also, it's not like these searches are without warning. It's been on the news, every subway station has a sign posted and the MTA makes regular announcements over the P.A. system every ten minutes in any station that I've been in.

So get your panties out of a bind.

If a cop wants to search your bag, let him.

if a cop asks you to stop for goodness sake, JUST STOP.

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