July 15, 2005

The Giraffe Kangaroo

My co-worker brought her 5 year old daughter "E" to work today. E is going to summer camp a few blocks from our office so when camp lets out at 2:30 my co-worker goes to get her. We've been hanging out every day.

She kept me company today while I was doing some pretty tedious work - basically listing and sorting rankings and addresses blah blah blah. Every twenty minutes or so I told her to come and get me so I could have a few minutes of playtime here and there. E made a giraffe out of empty ink cartridge boxes. She named the giraffe Katie and it probably won't surprise you that Katie is also five years old. Katie's home was another box that E found. E made Katie a bed out of some tissue. When she discovered that her tissue pillow was too small for Katie's house, she made it into a pouch for Katie thus creating the first giraffe/kangaroo hybrid of 25th and Broadway.

Around 5 pm, my third playtime break, I was a doctor to E's nurse and we had to operate on Katie because she had a broken brain. While I operated E took notes, in make believe script and referred to them for the next 20 minutes regarding Katie's care. The last word about Katie was that her family sent E an email with directions to Katie's house so we could take her home.

Make believe is still fun every now and then.

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