July 14, 2005

Just Another Day

Just another day on 25th and Broadway. I eased back into work holding on to my vacation vibe as long as possible. I still had the vibe when I got home tonight. I caught up on the last two episodes of Six Feet Under. The last two episodes were particularly well written - exploring issues like being married to a crazy person and how to handle the death of the woman who deflowered you when you were a 15 year old boy.

I indulged my TV mood further by watching Ask Dr. Baden on HBO. Apparently, HBO viewers have been writing in for Dr. Baden's help with unexplained deaths of their loved ones. The first woman broke my heart. She asked for Dr. Baden's help in explaining the unexplained deaths of three of her four children. The first one, a little girl, died of SIDS at 8 days old. Several years later, her three month old twins died in the middle of the night. Local police questioned her for fourteen hours assuming that she must be responsible after the deaths of three children, so she wrote to Dr. Baden for help.

After interviewing her he blood tested everyone in the family for genetic abnormalities to rule that out as a possibility for her children's unexplained deaths. Then he had her polygraphed to make sure she wasn't lying about her involvement in their deaths. Then he looked at the reports from the coroner in her little town. He ruled that the little girl's death was indeed SIDS. But, ruled that she was inadvertently responsible for the death of the twins because she rolled over onto them while they were all sleeping in the same bed.

Dr. Baden told her as best as he could that she was responsible for their deaths even though she meant them no harm. She had read in several books that sleeping with your babies was good for them because the mother's heartbeat calms babies and that it helps you bond with your children.

Apparently, a lot of parents accidentally kill their children this way.

So, in case you didn't already know it because of good old common sense "DON'T KEEP YOUR BABIES IN BED WITH YOU. NOT ONLY CAN IT DESTROY YOUR MARRIAGE BUT IT COULD KILL YOUR BABIES."

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