July 17, 2005


Saturday. Lazy Saturday. My Harry Potter book came at 9am but I wasn't awake to receive it so I missed the delivery. I went to the post office but the truck wasn't back so I won't get my book until Monday. I walked from the post office to the gym. Long walk + muggy day = bad workout. After 25 minutes of cardio I was done. Image hosted by Photobucket.comZoning out followed shortly in the form of ANCHORMAN:The Legend of Ron Burgundy on HBO on demand. That movie is so bad, it requires absolutely no thought.

Saturday night, after a 2 hour nap brought on by Anchorman, I met Jon in the city. I was so hot and uncomfortable standing on the platform, I took this picture when I got into the subway so I could see how I look which is tired, very tired. I was disappointed to see my hair frizzing up like that because I got a deep conditioning on Friday night at Pritty Woman Boutique.

I met Jon in Union Square for dinner and we went to Heartland Brewery. We split a salmon burger and some incredibly spicy gazpacho.
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As I sat there across from Jon at Heartland Brewery
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talking to him, admiring him and eating his fries, it felt like we were on a date and it was nice.

Our next stop was Slainte where we helped Michael Malice celebrate his birthday. Slainte is an Irish toast. Here is a picture of their toast wall which features toasts in different languages. By the way, I LOOOVVVVEEEEE the bathrooms at Slainte - they are unique to the lower East Side because they are spacious and they have paper towel dispensers.
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We were having a nice time but had to cut it short because of an early Sunday morning appointment with our photographer. We opted to take the subway for a change because I had this feeling that the traffic on the Queensborough bridge was going to be bumper to bumper. Why spend $20 when you can spend $2 for a commute that's going to take the same amount of time? We got into the train at Bleecker and we documented both the old and new signs at the station.
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