March 29, 2005

Johnny Cochran Dead

The man who helped the murderous O.J. Simpson get away with murderous murder died from a brain tumour. I feel bad for the family who loved him and the friends that adored him.

Even though he'll be remembered for his despicable career of getting murderers off, his family was more proud of the work he did for the community. Yes. I agree that the word community is vague but at least he did something somewhat respectable with his time and energy.

It's good to know he was dedicated to something other than collecting money from hardened criminals. I wonder if his was a painful death. He probably died a much slower death than Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. Some, including myself, might think that this is a good thing.

I will never forget that ridiculous trial and how it popularized the phrase "race card"; how it demonized the Los Angeles police department; how it widened the chasm between whites and blacks; how it taught the American public that celebrities actually DO get away with murder; and reminded the country how naive we all really are regarding the truths about human nature.
Rest in peace Johnny Cochran.

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