March 01, 2005

Matthew Modine

Matthew Modine is the guest star of Law & Order: SVU. Could he be looking for an Emmy? Or did the Law & Order people decide that their show needed more muscle than Ice T and Chris Meloni? Whatever the reason, it's working. The show is a standoff between Detective Stabler played by Meloni and a serial child rapist/murderer played by Modine. Both men are excellent actors - what a treat for the viewers of the Law & Order shows. To me, the Law & Order shows continue to be the best police dramas on television. I am never disappoined and love the shows so much, I find myself watching reruns on TNT often.
I worked out and watched the beginning of American Idol. The show was a little disappointing tonight. The women, (Seacrest keeps referring to them as "the girls"), were lackluster as a group. Not that I can sing anywhere near as well as most of those young women but each one of them seemed to pick a song that wasn't quite right for her. But at least they kept me company while I was using the Elliptical machine.

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