March 04, 2005

The Apprentice

Yes. I watched the Apprentice last night. It was the entree to am appetizer of Survivor. And it was yummy.

The show focused on the downfall of young Audrey. That team just didn't like her. I don't know what she did but I bet a lot of it had to do with her being younger and prettier than everyone else. People just resent the hell out of young, beautiful people. I liked her. I admire people who don't rely on getting by on their looks and she wasn't on that show merely because of her looks. If that were the case, Angie would never have made it on or some of those sycophants from the other team either.

There is this pompous asshole, (John from Apprentice 3 - I put this here so everyone who searches for his name can come here and see I think he is a pompous asshole) on the street smarts team. He does not like Audrey, so whatever she did there was no way he was going to support her. If anything, he undermined her authority the entire show. What can you do? Audrey was the team leader, see. And she put John in charge of promotions and I think as soon as she assigned him the task, he decided he wasn't going to do shit for her.

Meanwhile, on the other team, the woman in charge of promotions without any direction from her team leader, decided all on her own, to go around and acquire exclusive rights on promoting the same kind of event.

So of course, Audrey's task failed and it looked like her fault because it looked like she didn't delegate authority. John brought her down and I've worked with people like him - people who will only work hard to promote their own self interest. The only mistake Audrey made last night, was stepping up to be team leader. Chris should have stepped up and Chris should have been fired. That guy is just weird. He's a dipper and a spitter and he was chewing tobacco during the task while dressed up as a clown and scaring the shit out of children.

She was out of there because that team didn't support her. Last week's candidate got fired because she showed really poor judgement in choosing the idea for her task and then pushing it forward. John was a dick last week too by the way. Audrey got fired because she became team leader.

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