March 28, 2005

Sore arms

I just flew in from Chicago and boy are my arms tired.

Remember that ole chestnut?

Well. I worked out with my trainer Sunday morning. We worked on arms and now I can't lift my arms over my head. I'm very encouraged and motivated by my trainer. I'm also frightened of how my arms looked in some of the pictures we took on Saturday.

Has this happened to anyone else? My shoulders have gotten so pudgy. It's the weirdest place to gain weight in my opinion and it's such a bad place to be puffy. So, I'm not upset Brandon worked my arms. I just wish I could see results immediately, although I expect to see some in a month the way this guy is pushing me. I just wish it were a month away already and I've reached those first visual signs that the gym is paying off.

I know I'm healthier. Blah blah. My already low blood pressure went down which is great. And I'm sure all the other systems are evening out too, considering I'm on a twigs and leaves kind of diet.

Anyhoooooooo. . . . .

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