March 06, 2005

Sunday Morning Classics

Saturday, I worked out with Brandon. I'm considering joining my gyms BUFF BRIDE program, so I auditioned a trainer. Brandon worked me pretty hard. I'm having some trouble moving around today. My calves are suffering the brunt of it. Every time I sit down and get back up, they feel like they did when I woke up this morning. Tight and weird. Straightening out my legs is the hardest part.

I'm starting to hate the women at the gym that treat the locker room like their personal bathrooms. I particularly dislike it when women lotion up in the gym - their feet, their legs, their bellies. Yuck. The truth is I don't like to be around naked strangers. I go to the gym in my gym clothes so I don't have to change. I shower at home so I don't have to walk around the gym naked subjecting strangers to my pale, naked flesh.

The other women I hate at the gym are the ones who work out with their hair down and full of hair spray. They often wear velour sweatsuits and garish makeup and don't hesitate to show as much of their bodies as humanly possibly - to the point where they are almost indecently exposed. Some of those sweatpants ride pretty low beneath the belly. These women are often in my way as I'm trying to get to my locker to retrieve my coat or to put my headset away. They can often be overheard having ridiculous conversations about the stupid things their boyfriends did or said.

With that said, I like my gym. The equipment is great, the locker room is clean (but I'm still fearful of Athlete's Foot), and the instructors know what they are talking about. There are so many trainers walking around, you can always get help with anything you need or advice/instructions on any of the machines.

Brandon is a good instructor. He even called me this morning to see how I was doing. Naturally I told him I was having trouble walking and that I was generally stiffening up all over.

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