March 28, 2005

Propeller Island City Lodge

Sarah linked to one of the rooms at the website for Propeller Island City Lodge commenting that it is one of the creepiest you could possible sleep in, that it was reminiscent of crime dramas and condemned buildings. I looked at that room. She was absolutely right. It is horrible looking - positively frightening. You would have nightmares sleeping in there. You would imagine rats nibbling your fingertips while you were taking your morning crap.

I was curious to see the other jail cell style rooms in the hotel and I found that every room at the hotel is different and designed to make you feel as if you are sleeping in an artwork of some sort. Some of the rooms are just flat out weird - like this one where you sleep next to lion cages. (for families with hyper children no doubt). This one looks like it could have been Martha Stewart's jail cell. There is this room that shows respect for the solitary traveler by not making them take a bed wtih twobeds or a bed too big for one person. It looks like a nice place to go for a weekend getaway.

But I think this one is the coolest. It's the flying bed room and looks like it really messes with your concept of gravity.

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