March 18, 2005

Random Stuff

On Sunday when we were in Cortland, I bought some hazelnut candles at Pier One imports - on sale 4/$1. They smell outrageous.
Our computer caught some kind of virus. I spent four hours Wednesday night downloading and updating our virus software, Ad Aware and Spy Sweeper. No virus was found although much spyware was found and discarded.
I'm trying to install VERIZON DSL at my office - to replace the 3x as expensive RoadRunner. I don't know how to judge the DSL service yet because it's not yet installed. Wednesday, a technician came to change our wiring from fiber to copper. This disabled our fax machine because that is the number where we installing the DSL. The fax machine was supposed to be working again yesterday but alas it was not. Turns out the building wiring does not work with copper and we have to reinstall the fiber connection and get our old service back and start from scratch. I don't know what happened with the second technician last night because I left the office at 5:45. My head was aching with a pounding lack of understanding about how phones operate.
Today is Friday and on Sunday, Jon and I are officially booking the temple for our wedding. This temple has a full catering facility, so the whole affair will take place there. The gardens are lovely so the photographs can be done there as well. Wahoo?!?! Now all that's left is the DRESS, FLOWERS, PHOTOGRAPHER, MUSIC.
As I mentioned yesterday, I'm co-hosting trivia on Tuesday night with the Wounded Liberal (see link on right). We are having a meeting tonight to plan our attack on our unsuspecting players.
If you run into someone you know and they are talking to someone that you don't know, do you go up to them and interrupt and go through motions of introductions, or do you leave them alone because they are having private and intense discussions? No seriously, I'm asking. What do you do? I never know what to do, so I err on the side of caution and leave everyone involved alone.

What do you do? What do YOU do?

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