March 25, 2005

Bumming Out

I signed up for my gym's Buffed Bride program and I had a bit of a shock this morning. My personal trainer (yes. I chose the sadist that tortured by calves) weighed and measured me this morning. My weight hasn't changed in two weeks. My measurements are too embarrassing to mention.

After learning this sad news, I had to work out with Brandon. He's a nice guy, good natured, funny. I worked hard and he made me laugh throughout the workout. He didn't give me a moment to feel upset about the weigh in.

But now, that I'm at my office and it's a little bit quiet, I have to ruminate over what I learned this morning and I feel sad, very sad and disappointed. I've been working out for over a month and I haven't gotten anywhere and on top of that I start shopping for my wedding dress tomorrow. This means I have to get measured again.

I'm very concerned that the bridal shop my maid-of-honor is taking me to isn't going to have any dresses big enough for me to try on and that would make me cry, really cry if that happened. But at least my mom and cousin will be there. My cousin is my maid-of-honor in case you haven't been following the score card.

Back to the work out, Brandon was very supportive and told me he is going to help me. He gave me a diet plan to follow which is ridiculous but should work. I have to eat five times a day now. That means, 3 times at work I have to eat meals. I'm glad my boss is a nice guy. Dieting is soooo stupid. I really hate it. So I'm going to try to look at it as a lifestyle change rather than a diet.

Maybe then it won't seem so gay.

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