March 27, 2005

Shopping for the Dress

Here is a picture of me in the back seat of the car kind of dreading the day ahead. I wasn't feeling very well when I started out the day. As you may recall I was feeling kind of down. Image hosted by Photobucket.comSandy picked me up around 10 and we started out. We went to pick up my mom in Long Island and then we headed out to Lillette's in Baldwin. I took this picture to the right, sitting in the backseat, while staring out at the dunes along the Loop Parkway and then the Meadowbrook. I was trying to cheer myself up, wish away my headache, put on ahappy face. I wasn't feeling very optimistic that we would find a dress. Sandy knows one of the consultants and thought we should start there so I could have anice time. I trusted her.

And boy am I glad I did. When we first walked in it looked like a zoo. There were large groups milling around the various brides looking through the racks of dresses. There was a little girl running around waiting totry on a flower girl dress. There was a young woman posing in front of the mirror, trying on her dress for the last time. I don't respond well to crowded busy situations like this, so I let Sandy and my mother walk me through the aisles showing me dresses. When I met Lydia I told her I didn'twant a strapless dress but that's all I've been seeing in the magazines. She talked to me a few minutes and then started pulling dresses. We went into the dressing room and began. The first dress she put me in was strapless. My 43" squared shoulders helped convince her that strapless wasn't the look for me. She agreed and we tried on a few more dresses.

The first dress I fell in love with was this one to the right. I had an emotional response looking at and then seeing myself in it. Wow. I thought this was the one. Two dresses later, this one became a blur. I chose the dress we tried on two dresses later. If you are in my bridal party you've seen it. But the bridal party and my mom and Jon's mom are the only ones.

You'll just have to wait like everyone else. I found a beautiful dress that is perfect for me. In spite of my agonizing headache, the day had a happy outcome. Who thought I would find my dress in less than two hours. None of us did. We didn't even have the cash for a down payment but thankfully the store took $20.00 down.

If you are looking for a dress, you should go to Lillette's Bridal Shop in Baldwin. They will take really good care of you and find a dress that matches you perfectly.

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