March 21, 2005

Monday Snuh

I had hard time getting it going this morning.

I went to my bank to deposit my paycheck. I asked the teller if she was finding this Monday particularly challenging and she said, "Yeah. The weather makes it harder." A woman in line behind me was giggling as she butt in and ejaculated, "Oh. It's all in your head. Hee hee hee." I ignored her even as she was wishing me a good day. For some reason, her niceness was working in direct conflict to my grumpiness. Then I went to the Citibank further up the block to make a deposit for my boss. While it took me 5 minutes to get in and out of my personal bank, I spent 25 minutes at Citibank waiting for the lunkheads in front of me to get the money for their cash drawers or whatever. And to make matters worse, that EXPRESS DEPOSIT machine Citibank has for customers in a rush was completely broken.

Work was fine. Unfortunately, I just wasn't feeling it today. Perhaps it was because my night's sleep was interrupted by an itchy foot. I couldn't get my foot to stop itching. From 3 am to 4:30 I was up with an itchy foot. No matter how I tried I could not scratch the itch. Around 4:30 and after 5 applications of moisturizer the itching finally went away. It was the strangest thing. So. . .by 2 this afternoon I was really feeling the burn of lack of sleep which lately has meant a pretty bad headache. I did leave the office at a reasonable hour, made the trains. All went well. Whew.

I tried to get home early so I could prepare my trivia rounds. I rested my head for 10 minutes before starting my audio round. The round came out great, except for one mistake. I hadn't left enough hang time between two of the songs so I went back to retape the last four songs. My tape machine broke. I have one of those units where the CD, Radio and Tape player are all in one. I've had it since I've moved to Queens. It finally broke down. The machine started eating my tape. I tried another tape just to be sure. It ate that one too but alas that was our last tape!! So, that meant a walk to the 99 cent store to get a new tape. When we got home I redid the round again but I had to use Jon's hand held tape recorder and tape my round holding to the speakers.

It's been a while since I've done that but it still came out okay. It reminded me of pleasant childhood memories when my friends and I would use the tape recorder to create our own radio programming.

After being at the computer all day and every day since I started my job and we've been having SPAM, VIRUS and SPYWARE problems with our computer, I decided to construct my CURRENT EVENTS ROUND the old fashioned way - with a newspaper, pen and paper.

Hopefully Tuesday will be a better day.

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