March 07, 2005

What a Pain in the Calf

This morning walking around is more difficult than it was yesteray. I can't put my heels to the ground. You should see me walking around. I look ridiculous. All in the name of beauty. If working out hurts this much every time I do it, I'm never going to lose weight.

Okay. So I sound upset and negative. It's discouraging to learn what your body can't do anymore. I know I'm not that old but there is a reason why most athletes are past their prime by their early thirties. The body just wears down. Again, I'm not saying my body is falling part or anything, I feel the effects of getting older.

Walking around this last hour, I'm already exhausted. My mother has friend with Rheumatoid Arthritis. This woman lost a whole lot of weight just from being in pain. Pain is tiring. I'm thankful that my pains are self inflicted and will heal. My mom's friend will always have R.A.

But knowing that other people are sicker doesn't change the fact that my calves hurt more than I remember them ever hurting. You can walk a mile in another man's shoes to get idea of what his life is like before you judge him, but it doesn't do anything to change your life. . .just your mind.

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