March 29, 2005


I'm so tired this morning.

Up at 6:00. Working out by 6:30. Leaving gym at 7:30. Ate simple carbohydrate post work out meal for breakfast by 7:45. Blowing hair dry by 8:30. On subway car by 9.

I'm achy every where.

I was going to work out last night so I took the R train which lets me out closer to the gym. There were delays on the R line due to a sick passenger at Roosevelt Ave. station and because the MTA was rerouting all trains on to the local track. By the time I got out at Steinway, 45 minutes after getting into the train, I didn't want to work out any more. So I went shopping and then got soaking wet during my walk home. My socks from last night's walk were still wet this morning.

Now I'm here, at work and I look a lot better than I feel. I figured if I dressed up, put on some makeup and looked like a felt great, actually feeling great wouldn't follow too far behind but it hasn't caught up to me yet.

I still feel tired.

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