November 13, 2003

Tuesday Night Trivia

Amazingly enough, I was able to attend Tuesday Night Trivia. Why is this amazing? Because on Tuesday night at 10:30 I ran sound and stage managed The Last Cigarette for my friend Irene. It is amazing because my boss and friend, M, drove into the city and was able to drive us down there and drive me to St. Marks for my 10 pm call time. It was amazing because after doing the show at 10:30 the night before and after working the equivalent of three days in one day at work I still had the energy (barely) to be social for 2 hours or so.

With all that said, here is the wrap up.

I don't really know what any of the rounds were because I was so tired I didn't participate. Yes. I was writing down the answers as they were being whispered to me but that was basically my contribution.

That and correctly identifying the album covers for Animals and Spinal Tap during the visual round.

I also remember that my team, The Olsen Twins, came in second place. Playing on my team were Tony, Nick, Chris, M, Erik and myself. We were in first place after round 1 but slid to second because the identify the album covers visual round was thoroughly challenging.

I also remember that the top 10 list were first 10 elements on the Periodic Table. Tony was able to identify most of them my remembering a song parody from a Gilbert and Sullivan thing by I think Tom Lehrer? I could be wrong about the song writer but I definitely remember Tony singing the song. That was fun.

I had to run out of there so fast afterwards I think I left leaves spinning in my wind trail.

We played the show to about 6 people. Most people came the two previous nights. The author was in the audience Sunday and Monday night. He lives 5 minutes away from St. Marks theater and was notified when the director paid for the rights to use his play. He seemed to enjoy it very much.

It was definitely a worthwhile experience but I'm zonked. I don't have that fun 2o something energy i used to physically or mentally.

But if you haven't operated a sound board for a show yet I definitely recommend it. Great fun.

Signing out now.

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