November 27, 2003

New Link

I link to James Cassell's blog because I am interested in what this nice 15 year old boy has to say about his life and about the world. I find his niceness not necessarily refreshing because that would give you the idea that I am disenchanted about this current crop of teenagers.

Generally, I think that his niceness is reflection of what is right with kids today. He is an accurate representation of young adults we don't often hear about. He is an accurate representation of what it means to be young in American.

He links to a page by Marshall Brain who also has an interesting view of the world. So, I invite you to visit Marshall Brain's blog for a look into the interests of a creative and intelligent world of a 21st century teenager.

I hope that one day James realizes that I've linked to his page and that he tries to get in touch with me.

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