November 15, 2003

Tuesday Night Trivia

Clear your calendars for Tuesday, November 18th because on that evening at approximately 7:30 pm I will be co-hosting Tuesday Night Trivia with the fabulous Caren Lissner.

This event is becoming the thing to do on Tuesday nights. The crowds have been great. There were so many people there this past Tuesday that guests of the event were sitting on the stage.

You might meet your future life partner or you might just make lots of new friends. You might win prizes and you'll definitely be able to drink lots of Heineken for a special rate given especially to those who participate. Getting back to the prizes, the giveaways are great. T-shirts, hats, keychains and most importantly the teams that come in first, second and third win $25, $15 and $10 off of their bar tabs respectively.

So come to the Baggott Inn on Tuesday Night and get in touch with your inner geek. The Baggott Inn is located at West 3rd Street in New York City between Thompson and Sullivan.

I'll be waiting for you and I don't like to wait.

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