November 22, 2003

Time Bandits

Jon told me today that he has a vivid memory of the 20th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination (by the way, that word always makes me giggle because of the recurrence of ass). This came up in conversation because I was talking about a startling realization I had earlier today about getting older but I'll get back to that. After telling me about this memory from 1983, he pointed out that in 2003 we are as many years away from the 20th anniversary as the 20th anniversary was from the event. That made him feel old.

Here is what made me feel old. I realized, walking through Madison Square Park, on my way to the subway after work, that the children I babysat as a teenager are all grown up and conceivably having children of their own. Also, the children I took care of at the Children's Center at SUNY Purchase (I worked with the two year olds) are probably getting ready to take their SAT's and preparing for college.


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