November 11, 2003

Jessica Lynch

Because today is Veteran's Day, I thought it would be fitting to talk about a veteran. Jessica Lynch is a young woman who joined the armed forces to serve her country and earn some money for college. I think her aim is to become a teacher. Like many young soldiers with a similar intention she found herself stationed overseas, deep in the heart of another one of America's not so clear battles.

A series of events led to her capture and she was later rescued from a hospital.

On her return to the United States she found herself being celebrated as a hero and now she has become a representative for the young people of her generation serving our country.

There is a big controversy of course that is growing up around her image. Not so coincidentally the controversy has arisen during televisions big autumn sweeps month. There was a recently a television drama based on her exciting story which Jessica Lynch has herself said is full of inaccuracies and tonight Diane Sawyer will be interviewing her for 90 minutes during prime time. I don't begrudge Jessica Lynch any of this attention. I think it is well deserved.

The controversy has to do with pictures Hustler has decided NOT to run in their magazine. These are "alleged" pictures of her "cavorting" topless with two young men. Honestly, you care?

My point of view of this. If Pamela Anderson Lee decided to lay down her life for our country and survived a POW situation I would be just as grateful. So, let's let this controversy die down and not pay it any mind.

Thank you Jessica Lynch and Happy Veteran's Day.

I hope you are able to handle the American Celebrity system as gracefully as you handled serving your country.

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