November 05, 2003

Day 3

Today is the third day of my personal no smoking ban which isn't going as well as non-smokers would like but pretty well for the rationa"lie"zing smoker that I am.

My friend Dawn has been pretty supportive in posting my plight on her web log (which of course I encourage you to visit) and from a posting where she quotes a friend of hers with regard to quitting smoking, I've learned a new word. That word is "SMOBER".

This is an excellent expression because quitting smoking is like quitting drinking. You just can't smoke. You always want a cigarette but you have to consciously decide not to smoke every time you want one. You can never have another cigarette as an alcoholic can never have another drink. I've quit before. I'd quit once for over a year. All that crap that people tell you about the craving going away, or you get over the need after the first three days is just that. Crap. In my experience, you always want one. That first cigarette I smoked after having stopped for so long was greedily welcomed by every pore of my body; my body drank the nicotine like a thirsty man drinks water.

It's a lot of work but I guess that's what it means to "work on oneself".

So, thank you Dawn for your public show of support and thank you friend of Dawn for your encouraging words.

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