November 08, 2003


It's early Saturday morning. Well, not that early by farmer standards but early for a New Yorker.

I took the day off yesterday because I had to go to a tech rehearsal for a play I'm working on. I'm the sound board operator. It's exciting because I've always wanted to do this and now I am.

Granted, I'm not operating the kind of sound board one might see at a Broadway show. It's a relatively simple and straight forward setup but I'm doing it and that's the point.

The show I'm working on is being directed by a young woman, 23 to be exact. I do feel like the crone on the set. The actors are under 25 but the lighting designer is a little older. It's strange to be oldest person in the room because it seems like only yesterday, that I was the youngest trying to establish credibility with the older people around me.

You probably want to know about the play. It's a one act that takes place in a bar between two people fighting loneliness.

If you would like to come see it here are the details.

by Steven Fletcher

Featuring Mary McHale, Andrew Katz and directed by Irene Carroll

It will be shown at the theater under St. Marks Theater at 94 St. Marks Place between 1st and Avenue A. Tickets are 7$ at the door.

Showtimes are:
November 9th - 8 pm
November 10th - 10:30 pm
November 11th - 10:30 pm

Please come support the young art scene. The young men and women I've been working with this year are the future of American theater and it's important that they pay their dues in front of live audiences otherwise the experience won't have as much meaning.

So, I implore you to come out and see this impressive effort.

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