April 22, 2005

Work It Out

Great workout this morning. It still hurt but I am getting stronger. Before if something hurt, I had to stop, I just could not push myself through the pain. Things are different now. Shoulder workouts in particular are very painful but I managed to do three complete sets of everything the trainer through at me today and I'm getting smaller. You can see it. I look like I'm shrinking. This is good. This is very good.

The diet is going well, as well. I had a handful of cashew nuts as one of my snacks yesterday. It gave me more energy than my morning coffee. I was surprised. When I told my trainer he said that he didn't find that surprising at all because increased energy is a result of better nutrition. Wow. This kid really knows his stuff. He's smart. I'm glad to be working with him and no, he doesn't read this blog.

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