April 17, 2005

Blooming Central Park

So we went to Central Park today. We were trying to meet up with someone and finally caught up with them 3 blocks away from the Park in a restaurant. It was beautiful out today so naturally the crowds were really thick. We walked by the Central Park Zoo and made our way over to Sheep Meadow where thousands of people were congregated in a sun worshipping scrum. We watched the show off roller bladers, walked by Bethesda Fountain, strolled over to the Alice in Wonderland sculpture (kids were crawling all over that one, they were) and then we sat down on a bench and worked on our crossword puzzle until the hour arrived for our appointed meeting with our lunch dates.

I liked when we were sitting and working on the puzzle because we were simultaneously watching people as they passed us by. We saw an English Bulldog in a cage on a Radio Flyer wagon; we saw a little girl in a pretty green flowered dress riding her tricycle; we saw a weird woman pushing her dog in the equivalent of a stroller but for dogs; we saw a beautiful tri-colored Corgy with a smooth coat; we saw a beautiful little girl in a pink dress and pink socks throw the mother of all temper tantrums; we saw lots of stuff and things of interest.

It was a nice day.

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