April 11, 2005

Greetings from St. Thomas

St. Thomas is very pretty. We have been taking pictures. So don't worry. You'll see some fun in the sun when we get back on Thursday.

Friday night, while we were waiting for our connecting flight, we spotted Curtis Sliwa in his Guardian Angels jacket and beret. He was connecting to St. Croix to graduate a group of fledgling Angels. Apparently they have a bad crack problem on the island. He was kind enough to pose for a photo which I will post shortly. He was very easy to spot.

Our first full day, Saturday, was spent entirely at Secret Harbour Beach Resort. If you look closely at the picture, you can see our room. It's all the way to the right, in the last building on the top floor. Our balcony overlooks that turquoise water and much tropical flora and fauna. All those dark spots in that beautiful water are coral reefs which Jon and I have both explored and will explore again tomorrow. WE LOVE SNORKELING.

On Sunday we took a boat to the island of St. John where we went to Cinnamon Bay, the most beautiful beach on Earth. Cinnamon Bay is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs which we again explored through the miracle of snorkeling. It's also completely undeveloped so when you're about 30 feet off the coast and you look back, all you see is beach and a 1,000 acres of green and lush tropical vegetation. You might be thinking to yourself, wow and you'd be right. It's pretty wow inspiring and so is my sunburn. I was wearing SPF 50 and still the Caribbean sun made its way to my skin which is why . . ..

Today we are in Charlotte Amalie, the capital of the Virgin Islands. Everything here is tax and duty free. We don't have to pay any taxes so everything is tax free and cheaper. We are here doing something foreign and unfamiliar to me. . .shopping for fun. It takes some adjustment but I am finding, like snorkeling, if I just relax and remember to breathe, it's actually quite enjoyable. We're sitting in a delightful cafe called Beans, Bytes and Websites, where we are hiding a little bit from the heat. It won't be all shopping. There is a bit of history here that we want to check out. For instance, the St. Thomas Synagogue is the second oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere and it is walking distance from where we are sitting. We are also enjoying the beautiful architecture, beautiful weather, beautiful views and beautiful everything.

Tomorrow, our last day here, we plan to spend at the resort. We are considering kayaking but I would like to do a little more snorkeling, maybe going out a little further this time, now that I've built up some confidence.

See you soon.

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