April 26, 2005

Soy Good

I started eating soy yogurt in order to satisfy my morning protein requirement. The first brand I tried, Silk Cultured Soy, didn't taste great but it was good enough to fill the void. Recently, I purchased Stonybrook Farms O Soy Yogurt and it is fantastic. It is creamy and smooth and delicious. I LOVE it. I would eat salad for breakfast if I could but salad isn't really that good until about lunch time.
Thank you to Vidiot for pointing out that I misspelled Emile Griffith explaining why I had trouble finding a good site to link to.
For those of you who don't know, this week is Passover - the week when Jewish people commemorate our exodus from Egypt thanks to the postive machinations of Moses, his brother Aaron and of course God. One of my favorite stories is the one which explains why there were so many Jewish people in Egypt in the first place. You know it too. It's the one about Joseph who read the dreams of the Pharaoh and by doing so saved Egypt from starvation and helped to build the nation of Israel. Remember, he brought his family and other Jewish people into Egypt because of a big drought. Well, you know the story or don't you? If you don't. . .it's a good one.

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