April 16, 2005

Saturday in the Blargh . . . . .

Today I went shopping with the brides maids for dresses. My mother got a recommendation from work for the Bridal Building at 1385 Broadway, specifically a store called H & S on the 11th floor. That place was a nightmare.

If you are getting married and looking for a dress for either yourself or your bridal party do not, I repeat DO NOT go to H & S bridal in the Bridal Building in New York City. We walked in to what was essentially a big closet stuffed with dirty, disgusting white dresses. The dressing room was a big room stuffed with twice as many filthy, discarded, ripped, dezippered dresses.

My friends really were good sports because that experience would have dampened even Polly Anna's uplifted and delusonal spirits and they came out of it with smiles on their faces ready for more. After my friend tried on her second zipperless dress, I had to get out of there. We took a short break to regroup and decided on the Bridal shop at Macy's. That experience was like night and day. Macy's was a miracle.

We decided on a designer, a color, a fabric and a length. Within those parameters the women standing up for me will choose a style that suits them. It is a good solution to the problem of people looking ridiculous in one dress chosen by a power happy bride. Hopefully, it's a good solution. We all agreed on a color that should look good on everyone and is AUTUMN appropriate.

All that's left is the entertainment, the photographer, the flowers, and all of the fun little details that make a wedding fun.

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