April 20, 2005

New Pope

A new Pope was elected.
Astoria is still as dirty and noisy as ever. MTA is improving our subway line which means inconvenience piled on top of inconvenience. Not only have they closed part of the street where they are working on the elevated train, causing people to walk out of their way to get past the intersection to the other side of the main street, but the noise created from the machines they are using to clean and paint the metal framework is relentessly deafening. They have been moving down the line for some months now so it's no surprise to anyone that the MTA is doing this work. We can take comfort in the fact that they will be moving along shortly although noone knows when. They are making everything that has rusted into an irreversible stage of ugliness, green and pretty.
I started looking for a DJ for our wedding. This is an interesting research project and one that is going to require a lot of time. I put out some feelers last night. It seems they all need to meet with you to show you their video or DVD. I'm sure it's because they know that in sales, it's harder to reject someone you've met face to face than someone you speak to over the phone. Argh. Why do I have to know so much about how people yet not understand how to use that information?
Tired. Working out. Results are showing which motivates to work harder. Every day a different part of me hurts but I'm beginning to enjoy it. Let me rephrase that. I'm beginning to really enjoy resistance training but continue to hate cardio. The cardio doesn't get easier or more enjoyable. It just always seems to suck. One trainer told me that the goal is to make it suck less but it will always suck on some level.

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