October 13, 2003

Wha Wha Whaaat!

Below is an article for an e-newsletter I receive almost daily in spite of my requests to be taken off of their list.

Half of my family is French, meaning I've spent significant time there, and I can safely say that this article is pure, 100% unadulterated bullshit because there are the same number of skinny French women as there are skinny American women. It was also my observation that thinner French women don't indulge in creamy sauces and desserts.

Everyone knows the secret to being thin is youth and/or working out like a banshee or crystal meth!!!

Breakthrough News About Weight Loss:
New Study Says Portion Size Is Key

A new study in Psychological Science recently revealed the key to why the French population stays so slim, despite all those rich cream sauces and buttery croissants.

Their secret. Smaller portions.

People tend to consume what is put in front of them and generally consume more when offered more food. Prof. Paul Rozin, University of Pennsylvania, Co-author of, The ecology of eating: Smaller portion sizes in France than in the United States help explain the French paradox.

While the French may eat more fat than Americans, they consume fewer calories " because they eat smaller portions " so they stay slimmer (see side bar for study results).

At N***********, we know how important portion size is. In fact, we built our entire program around it.

With N**********, there's no guesswork - just perfect portions every time.

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