October 13, 2003

Other people's blogs

Please take some time and read some of the links listed here, to the left. Now, I know that as faithful and somewhat obsessive readers of mine, you have been dutifully visiting the web logs of my friends everyday.

With that said, there are four new entries today that struck me as particularly interesting:

1) The first one is located on the web log of two brothers, Eric and Mark Baard, who have an avid interest in science and reporting on significant scientific developments.

There's new hope for short-order cooks lacking short-term memory. The "Cook's Collage" from Georgia Tech's Everyday Computing Lab will help people with impaired memory make their way through the complex task of cooking. The system takes snapshots during meal preparation and displays the six most recent actions on a flat-panel display mounted above the countertop.

2) The second web log is a daily look into the life a fifteen year old. He's so sweet, you won't believe it. Today's entry is about his new watch. If you look to the left, you can find his link easily enough. I just love this kid.

3) The third entry of note was posted by my new internet friend Santosh. He is a 21 year old college student living either in or near Michigan. His website is gorgeous and his observations insightful. His website is called XXXXXXXXX and every other day or so or when he has a chance he writes about movies and music. He is an excellent critic and his opinion is worth the read. Today's entry has a good review of the latest film escapades of Eddie Murphy.

4) Last but not least, I have recently added a link to The Dawn Patrol. Dawn is a writer and links are available to the site where she writes music reviews. I like her site because I like her. I think she's a good writer and I'm happy to have her as a new friend. Her website can also be found to the left.

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