October 11, 2003


Tonight's preparations for my date later this evening were sadly less bucolic than last week's. You may recall last week involved day dreaming about Jimmy Osmond while setting my hair in hot curlers.

This week I decided to get a head to toe waxing. My waxer was named Monica and she was a real artist. We started with my bikini wax. Monica's being an artist has it's pros and cons... On the proside she did a beautiful job, leaving with me with clean lines. On the con side it was painful like I've never experienced pain before, but it was exquisite pain and if you've had a bikini wax, you know what I mean. She did not leave one stray hair. Thank goodness I decided against the Brazilian wax though, because I think Athena of Athena's nail salon would have to call an ambulance.

Monica then moved on to my legs. She sampled a small spot on my leg when I first got in because my hair is so light on my legs she couldn't see it. The test waxing was like eating a lollipop. Very pleasant. But then she did the whole bottom half of my leg and again it was exquisitely painful. If Monica had done my whole leg, Athena would have had to call an ambulance.

Then I did something I've never done before because I didn't think I needed to but in the spirit of trying new things I decided to have my eyebrows waxed. She worked on them for fifteen minutes. Oui. Quinze minutes. Now if you have seen me you would say that my eyebrows are barely visible. Apparently they were very hairy. But now, I have eyebrows that you can see. It's like magic. She did a beautiful job. You can actually see my eyebrows. Clean lines, nice lines, nice shape. But if I had had any other part of my face done, I'm sure Athena would have had to call an ambulance.

Thanks for listening. I'm off to a nice, relaxing scented bath to relieve my skin of that wonderful burning one experiences after the torture of a waxing.

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