October 22, 2003

Minutes from Tuesday Night Trivia

Caren Lissner welcomed all to Tuesday Night Trivia and introduced herself to the crowd, introduced me as co-host, allowed me to plug an upcoming project and then explained the rules of play.

I read the general knowledge questions which were television based. Heckling ensued.

Caren read the current events questions which were current events based.

Caren presented the top ten list which was to provide the top 10 countries from where tourists came to visit the United States in the year 2000. People were shocked to learn that Canada and Mexico were the top 2.

Papers were traded and graded during which time Caren and I presented the correct answers. More heckling ensued.

Caren then read the funniest answers after which I read the standings as of the end of Round 1. More heckling ensued which caused me to laugh so hard I had to walk away from the microphone.

Sexxxy, sexxxy, sexxxy chicken led after round 1.

I then presented the audio and visual rounds.

There was more trading and grading and then Caren announced the winners.

I'm ashamed to admit I can't remember the name of the winning team.

I do remember the name of the team that won for funniest team name. "IRAQ" Up The Points took the prize for aforementioned category. There was some disagreement about this in the studio audience but Caren and I felt it was the punniest name and caused the greatest reaction.

Please be sure to come to Trivia next week.
Tony Hightower will be co-hosting.

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