October 04, 2003

Donny and Marie

While setting my hair with hot curlers for my date tonight, I sat back and watched some of the new PYRAMID show hosted by Donny Osmond, which is practically unwatchable but Donny Osmond.........that brings me back to the time when I looked forward to that one night a week that I was allowed to stay up a little bit later and watch the Donny and Marie show. I loved when they did the country music vs. rock music dual. I even had the closing step they did with their goodbye song they did at the end of the show memorized and would perform it with them at the end of every show. I remember Donny loved the color purple and did a skit once about a character name CAPTAIN ELPRUP.

I used to love that show. Does anyone remember it? Of course you do. Who wouldn't? It was cheeserific!!! But did I ever tell you about the dream I had as a yung un about running away with the OSMONDS? Of course, who didn't dream of that?

With the help of TIGER BEAT magazine I had developed an early crush on Jimmy Osmond, the youngest of the OSMOND brood. I used to dream about sneaking into one of their wardrobe trunks and having Jimmy find me under the pink and purple costumes. He would invite me to dine with his family and then he would sing to me and then I was incorporated into the act. It wasn't a dream as much as it was a fantasy.

Yeah....I loved the OSMONDS. They were better than the BRADYS and the CLEAVERS combined.

The teen zeens were also critical in helping form crushes on other young hotties of the 70's but we'll discuss that another time.

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